Elektra Festival – The Futures of Today

by paradoxig

ELEKTRA internationally disseminates works by artists who combine art and new technologies, and who also contribute to current aesthetics of research and experimentation. The Elektra Festival has showcased local, national and international avant-garde digital art since 1999.

When: October 18, 21 and 22

Where: PHI Centre ( Espace 1/407 Saint-Pierre St/Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3)

Elektra Festival – Monde Futur.e World

After three years marked by the production of two biennials at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal, ELEKTRA returns for the 22nd edition of its festival, which will take place at the PHI Center under the theme Monde Futur.e World.

The past and the future collide. Our present is being reshaped. How does technology interact with different types of intelligence? How are the fragments of futures imagined by an artist, an author, a filmmaker transformed when they are brought together collectively?

To nourish these questions, on a cultural, societal, artistic and technological level, Monde Futur.e World brings together three evenings of audiovisual performances, an afternoon of reflections and an exhibition at the Elektra Gallery.

This 22nd edition of the Elektra Festival therefore contributes a perspective on current artistic practices and presents a unique view of the possibilities of a sustainable future.

Monde Futur.e World is also the bridge to the 7th edition of ILLUSION, the International Digital Art Biennale which will be presented from May 24th to July 14th, 2024 at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal.

Elektra Festival invites the public to three evenings of audiovisual performances embracing this year’s theme: Monde Futur.e World

There will be one performance per day at 8PM. Please purchase a ticket for the performance(s) of your choice.

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