AI-(not)Just for Fun …

by paradoxig

Lately, everybody tried to search for an AI to make its work easier, better, and more efficient. But, let's forget about work and efficiency, and let's have FUN with AI. So, we selected some more fun AI use cases. Enjoy the AI that deciphers what your dog is talking about, well…barking; #AI to talk about your soulmate, or be Cool, and talk in slang like the generation. And forget that all AI are geniuses - there is also The Dummies Version of AI. So, Relax and Enjoy!

  1. Infiniteconversation This AI tool generates never-ending discussions on various topics, between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek. The opinions and beliefs expressed are entirely generated by the machine, and anyone can participate. The tool raises ethical questions about choices, making the discussions sublime. The provided text is an example conversation generated by the AI.

2. Vatic /— generates videos from your text queries. Available on Android and iOS.

3. Sarama /— perhaps the most meaningless AI. She will decipher what your dog is barking about. Yes, that’s right.

4. Memejourney Generate creative memes automatically using Memejourney

5. Is My Wife Right The ultimate authority on marital disputes! Simply present your argument or scenario and let our highly advanced algorithm determine who is truly at fault.

6. Deeper /— asks random questions about the relationship with your soulmate. Works as an app for Android and iOS.

7. Slang Thesaurus / — translates your speech into modern Internet slang.

8. Dream interpreter Dream Interpreter AI

9. Dumm-E The World’s “Dummiest” AI Chat Bot Assistant gives you Wrong Answers to Everything

10. AI Generated Farts Do robots fart? Click below to find out. We trained an AI model on over 1,000 human farts so it would learn to create realistic fart sounds. Press the fart button below:

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