Casey Curran – Carrion Blooms

by paradoxig

This series of work focuses on the intimate connection between the degeneration of the body and memory. Carrion Blooms is about how we change over time, how we use our days differently with age, and what it means to let go of the past. What pieces of ourselves do we leave behind or choose to take with us when we can no longer spread ourselves thinner? What will be left when we are gone, and who will remember the arrangement we made? Even after death, we make a lasting mark. With deeds sown into the earth, claiming the ground with a whisper, “Here we are now, and there I was then.” They are small shadows coloring the lives we touch, and so on, and so on.

The exhibition can be viewed at Heron Arts between April 1st – May 6 by appointment only. For further information or appointments and more works from the exhibition, please visit website of Heron Arts.

More fascinating kinetic sculptures and environments made by Casey Curran. please visit his website

Casey Curran completed several large-scale public works in partnership with Skanska Architects, MadArt, Facebook, Oculus Rift, and Security Properties. In 2022 Curran’s Daphne sculpture served as the backdrop to Iris van Herpen’s Paris Fashion Week Runway show.

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