VR Experience This Is Not a Ceremony-on Meta Quest TV

by paradoxig

Ahnahktsipiitaa’s Cinematic VR Experience This Is Not a Ceremony, which made its world premiere at Sundance 2022, is now available on Meta Quest TV:

To mark this occasion, the National Film Board of Canada released a new 3-min BTS video, in which Ahnahktsipiitaa explains why he made the film in virtual reality, rather than in a traditional documentary format.

This is Not a Ceremony” is an intriguing and captivating VR experience – having its World Premiere at Sundance – that wonderfully mixes documentary type of testimony with symbols, humor, poetry and metaphoric visual-imaginary elements.

Presented in stunning cinematic VR, the narrative unfolds all around us, on a dream-like plane of existence. Panoramas flow and merge, stories come to life and dance before our eyes, and community protocols confront our notions of personal responsibility. Here, we are asked to witness some of the darker sides of living life in Canada while Indigenous.

This unforgettable experience will stay with you long after it’s over. THIS IS NOT A CEREMONY calls on all who’ve watched to take action, to share what they have seen and heard, to learn from these tragedies and never forget—so that they will never happen again.

You can watch / share the video here:

TECHVANGART talked with the director and writer AHNAHKTSIPIITAA (COLIN VAN LOON) about the symbols and Myth, challenges encountered, his choice for VR, in general about documentaries, and his motivations to make the movie.

THIS IS NOT A CEREMONY was produced by Dana Dansereau at the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio

Writer and Director: Ahnahktsipiitaa (Colin Van Loon)
Producer: Dana Dansereau
Executive Producer: Robert McLaughlin
Produced in partnership with: imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

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