AR Art: Creative Garden Kyoto

by paradoxig

We are delighted to announce the groundbreaking Digital Art Exhibition powered by STYLY Augmented Reality Technologies

The Japanese city of Kyoto, renowned for its traditional architecture and culture, is expanding the way we encounter art by embracing AR technologies in the new collaborative exhibition Creative Garden Kyoto.

Debuting in March 2023, Creative Garden Kyoto offers an experience of AR artworks that fuse with the scenery and buildings of various notable locations in Kyoto Prefecture, including the Kyoto International Manga Museum, Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto and the Kyoto Tower

A talented group of artists bring together an exploration of digital form, inspecting how we encounter and interact with our cities in today’s fast paced digitized world. The artists are experimental, and exceed expectations of how we can interact with large-scale sculpture and public art. Each artwork situates digital objects in the physical space of the viewer, enabling new possibilities in our experiences of digital art.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Hotel Anteroom Kyoto, Amanohashidate General Business Co., and Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto.

Creative Garden Kyoto is sponsored and organized by the Kyoto Prefecture Government as an implementation of support for the creative content industry, which aims to create new opportunities for the utilization of XR (AR, VR, MR). This new industry focus demonstrates the Japanese Government embracing a functional digital layer activated by STYLY XR, and used for a variety of smart city applications and entertainment experiences.

Creative Garden Kyoto is powered by STYLY Global
STYLY’s unique and powerful XR platform enables a fluid mixed reality experience where visitors can arrive in specific geo-locations, open the STYLY App, and interact with each AR artwork. STYLY is a globally renowned leader in XR and Smart City solutions, initiating our future of integrated new media and technology.

More info about Exhibition Location:
Hotel Anteroom Kyoto
Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto
Kyoto Tower intersection
Kyoto International Manga Museum
Amanohashidate View Land
Umekoji Park

Featured Artists: Masamitsu Okada (OMD), Achabox (Ske6), Ryo Takegawa from Xorium, Kozyndan + Yoko Higashino, Sijia Luo + TOCHKA and a student collaboration between the Universities and the International Manga Museum

Masamitsu Okada (OMD) okada masamitsu (OMD)

Masamitsu Okada (OMD) okada masamitsu (OMD)

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1987. Lives in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2010. Since graduating, he has been working as a graphic designer and artist under the name OMD. In parallel with client work, he creates ZINE, a work with the theme of figures, letters, and compositions. Since 2018, he has been developing graphics / artwork using 3DCG. In November 2021, he participated in WAVE TOKYO 11 at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, and in December he held his first solo exhibition “New Form” at OIL by Bijutsuteho Gallery in Shibuya PARCO. Winner of the “UNKNOWN ASIA 2021” Grand Prix, Jury Prize, etc. Full-time lecturer at the Department of Information Design, Kyoto University of the Arts.
Creative portret :

Achabokusu (SKE6)/Achabox (SKE6)

Achabokusu (SKE6)/Achabox (SKE6)

Game developer, illustrator and pixel artist. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design, Illustration Course. After working as a music video director and illustrator, he joined the BitSummit staff and was struck by the wonderfulness of indie games and decided to throw himself into it as a game creator. While belonging to the game developer room6 Inc., he developed and operated “Dama Diary” and was futured three times at the Apple Store. Won the grand prize at the 2022 Original Game Contest Shueisha GAME BBQ. Currently, the indie game development team “Acrobatic Chilimenjaco” is working diligently on the new game “Schrödinger’s Call” with the support of Shueisha. Twitter ID @achabox
Creative portret :


Started working as an illustrator unit in Los Angeles, California in 2001. It is characterized by an irrational and absurd social satire style. Provided illustrations for the card game Magic the Gathering. Collaborated with major apparel companies such as Puma, Patagonia, and Converse, and provided artwork for Sony, Toyota, etc. in the United States. He has exhibited in cities around the world, including the United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia.
Creator Website Shoko

YOKO HIGASHINO Lives and works in Kyoto. ANTIBODIES Collective choreographer and dancer. Since the late 90s, he has presented his works in various forms from the performing arts to the music scene. As a collection of genreless artists, they freely stage productions from theaters and festivals in Japan and overseas, to public areas and the entire island. He has received many awards such as the Toyota Award and Dancore. President of the All Japan Dance Track Association.
Creator Website

Ryo Takegawa from xorium

Ryo Takegawa from xorium

Artist and designer based in Kyoto. After graduating from the Department of Product Design at Kyoto Seika University, he has been active as an engineering design unit “xorium” since 2017, creating works based on “comfortable coexistence with digital in real space”. Major awards include the Good Design Award, the IF design Award, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications INNO-vation Program Generation Award [Corporate Special Award].

Creator Portret:

羅絲佳 + Tochka / Sijia Luo + TOCHKA

Sijia Luo (羅絲佳)was born in China and currently resides in Japan. She is a time-based artist, animation director, and filmmaker. And sometimes she makes music and sound design for her own and other short films. She graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China in 2015. In 2020, she received master’s degree from the Department of Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media. By getting inspiration from other art forms, she develops her films through experiments and seeks liberation from visual language. She occasionally enjoys making music for her own films.
Graduated from the Department of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020. His short films have been selected at many overseas film festivals in China, the United States, Europe, and other countries. Major group exhibitions include “RAM PRACTICE 2021-Exhibition” (Yokohama / 2021) and “Phenakistoscope – Stroll The Line Series” MoCA Pavilion (Shanghai / 2019).
Creative Portret:
Creative duo by Takeshi Nagata and Kazue Monno. His representative work is a technique called “shiny pika” that draws animation by time-lapse photography and long-exposure photography using a penlight, and workshops have been held in 13 countries around the world. He has won numerous awards at domestic and international film festivals. Excellence Award at the 2018th Japan Media Arts Festival. In 2020, he received the Kyoto City Art Newcomer Award.
Creative Portret:

Student CreatorsKyoto

University of the Arts / Kyoto Seika University

Kyoto University of the Arts School Corporation Uryuyama Gakuen has Kyoto University of the Arts, Licensed Nursery School of Children’s Arts, Kyoto College of Art and Design, Kyoto University of the Arts High School, and Kyoto Bunka Japanese School. At the Department of Character Design, Kyoto University of the Arts, students can study game design and visual design of games. Pursuing the essence of play, the curriculum is developed to apply digital games, analog games, gamification, serious games, and XR design.

Kyoto Seika University
is a comprehensive university of expression located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City. The five faculties of the Faculty of Intercultural Studies, the Faculty of Media Expression, the Faculty of Art, the Faculty of Design, and the Faculty of Manga nurture people who change the world through expression. The fact that the first manga faculty was established in Japan is famous overseas. The Institute of Manga Culture has been established in the Manga Museum, and master’s and doctoral students related to manga are also trained on campus. This time, students of the Character Design Course of the Faculty of Manga and master’s students of the Graduate School of Manga will be involved.

ConceptKyoto/ Rakugaki Street
Every day, students create a lot of work for assignments, but the light of day is limited. Therefore, it is about 3 km from Kyoto Station to the Manga Museum. In between, 100 owned characters are evenly spaced. Since they become one every 30 meters, if you touch one work, you can see the next work 30 meters away, and after following all the steps, you will arrive at the Manga Museum.

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