Job Interviews in the AI Tricks Era

by paradoxig

You are close to land your dream-job, but you have to pass an interview. Do you need a little bit of help for your job-interview? AI have some solutions!. Yes, it is true. Contrary to wide spread fears that humans will loose jobs due to AI advancement (which for some of us will be true), here is comes AI to help you not to loose jobs.

So, you can forget all those overpriced trainers who may know or not what the requirements are for your job, here comes AI that can offer a personalised! (attention, will be the word in the next decade) advise for you. So, let’s review some of these.

Poised trains your communication. Poised is the AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity. Private and secure, an essential tool for digital-first workplaces.

Whydoyouwanttoworkhere will give you a lot of answers to the annoying question ” Why do you want to work here?” and answers to annoying interview application questions

InterviewGPT you can Practice With AI and train your knowledge or you can Explore careers that you don’t even know exist

yoodli speech Improve your communication skills with personalized and private feedback from our AI speech coach ( help you to stay in control with your speech tics and etc)

Huru generates interview questions from well-known job search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. gives you high-quality feedback on your answers, personal traits that you exhibit, and tips to help you improve your performance to be prepared for your next interview.

Interview Warmup is the brainchild of Google. A quick way to prepare for your next interview. Practice key questions, get insights about your answers, and get more comfortable interviewing.

And if you are not convinced that AI can help you, but you are more convinced that an AI will interview you, here are some advices how to creatively trick an AI:

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