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by paradoxig

We have asked our guests to name books that inspired them, books they will save if the Earth is destroyed. So, Welcome to our small TechvangArt Library, with books worth reading during the holidays, (and not only)! And of course, if you missed any our of Conversation, Dialogue, Interview you can read them.

TVA: the book that inspired you the most

Maud Clavier – Chief Operations Officer at VRrOOm, President of the National Council of XR (CNXR)
The Theatre and Its Double”, by Antonin Artaud
Read the interview with Maud Clavier.

Hsin-Chien 心健 (黃心健) HuangVR director/new media creator
The Invisible City -Italo Calvino
Read dialogues with Hsin-Chien Huang: Tech and Histories +/- Humanity

Konstantina Psoma, CEO Kaedim:
1.Shoe Dog/ 2.Skin in the Game/ 3.The Lean Startup
Read interview with Konstantina Psoma, CEO of Kaedim - Kaedim: AI Tool Turns 2D-to-3D

Faye Formisano- Artist, Filmmaker & Researcher
Metamorphosis, Ovid
Read the Interview with Faye Formisano, Sundance Dialogues:They Dream in My Bones – Insemnopedy II

Anatola ArabaFilmmaker and journalist
1.1984‘/2.Weapons of Math Destruction /3.Algorithms of Oppression
Read interview with Anatola Araba: AI Beyond Programming. Afro Algorithms

Lee Harris, producer Electric Skies
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Read dialogue with Lee Harris: GLIMPSE. Challenges of VR Production

AHNAHKTSIPIITAA (COLIN VAN LOON)writer and Filmmaker director
The Sun Came Down – Book by Percy Bullchild
Read interview with AHNAHKTSIPIITAA Sundance Dialogues: InJustice. Testimony. Poetry / This Is Not A Ceremony

Elizabeth Strickler-Professor of Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Georgia State University
1.The Network State:How to Build a country/2.Virtual Society /3. Imaginable
Read here interview with Elizabeth Strickler: Between Art and AI

Dmitry Aksenov– Chairman, Immaterial Future Association
The Selfish Gene– Richard Dawkins
Read Interview with D. Aksenov: “In Culture, New Business Models, Inevitable!”

Edward Saatchi, Founder of Fable Studio, The CultureDAO, former founder Oculus Story Studio:
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare
Read Dialogue with Edward Saatchi: The Guild for Virtual Beings

Sean Green – CEO of ARTERNAL
“BOOM. Mad Money, Mega Dealers, and the Rise of Contemporary Art” by Michael Shnayerson
Read interview with Sean Green: Building ArtTech Startups: ARTERNAL

Paige Dansinger, Founder of Better World Museum:
Re-Inhabiting The Village by Jamaica Stevens
Read Interview with Paige Dansinger: The DreamS of A Risk-Taker

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