GatherVerse Summit 2023

A 3 day virtual global event for interested communities to gathering to discuss human centred approaches to the much discussed metaverse and emerging technologies.

These include thought leaders from the ranks of designers, producers, authors, advisors, podcasters, public policy advocates, researchers, security specialists, filmmakers, education experts, futurists, wellness practitioners and global community leaders looking to add real human value to technologies that connect us.

Humanity-First is the overarching theme of Gatherverse. Key topics include accessibility, education, equality, building vibrant communities, wellness, safety, privacy and ethical concerns.

What is GatherVerse?

  • A global ecosystem where communities gather, discuss, document and share human centered approaches to the metaverse and emerging technologies.
  • Where all technical and non-technical industries are welcomed and have a voice.
  • We host a series of events year-round and an Annual Summit assembling thought leaders, multi-industry professionals and practitioners to share their ideas collectively on how they view a humanity-first approach to the metaverse and emerging technologies.
  • Global representatives who arrive, participate and share with their local communities.
  • Well sourced, good information shared in our growing newsletter and social media streams.

Message from Founder of GatherVerse

''Imagine a world of possibilities. A world where global communities have equitable opportunities to collaborate globally with world class researchers, educators had to have professionals, designers, and the nurse, thought leaders, developers and engineers, whereas humanity is considered first in every approach.

Where students use the metaverse to discover, explore and master new understandings of using technology for good. A world where the youth and adults are using best in class hardware and software to attempt the impossible and derive meaningful change. We are building this world we can build it together''.

Join us at GatherVerse 2023

For the 2023 Summit edition organizer invite more than 150+ speakers from government, academia, industry and more will present keynotes, talks and roundtables during the summit.

You can find entire list of speakers list here

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