Floating Point Gallery at Art Toronto 2022

by paradoxig

Floating Point Gallery is pleased to introduce the next phase in its ongoing expansion of Digital Initiatives by presenting a Metaverse Experience in Art Toronto.

In collaboration with Art Gate, the gallery will host a four-day event in the metaverse. Floating Point Gallery will be unveiling works by Quebec artist Antoine Lortie, in a virtual gallery available on the metaverse platform.

The 3D environment will contain a cross section of NFTS, wearables and virtual installations, a free-ranging experimentation presented in the relatively new medium of VR art, supporting Antoine Lortie in his quest to challenge and redefine the limits of what is possible.

Floating Point Gallery is excited to present Art Toronto with a critical and subversive contribution to the art history of virtual reality: the first metaverse experience ever presented at a fair in Canada.”, said Candice Houtekier, Founder of Floating Point Gallery

Since 2000, Art Toronto has been the go-to Canadian art show for collectors, art consultants, curators, national and international galleries, and art lovers from all over Canada. This year marks the official return to an in-person
event, giving you an opportunity for a richer cultural experience. You will find major Canadian and international galleries showing works in all media, under the same roof.

Floating Point Gallery is grateful for the continued support from our sponsors and incubators since the official launch of the gallery, on March 31, 2022. A particular thanks to META, CFC Media Lab, and Art Gate VR. Their sponsorship enables to continue empowering, shaping, and advancing opportunities for new generations of Canadian storytellers and creators.

If you go to the fair, you can find the exhibition at booth C06, reserve your spot, and join for a gallery tour in virtual reality with your friends and family. Limited to three people per 10-minute interval.

Get your FREE tickets for Art Toronto here: https://www.tix123.com/tickets/
Download Art Gate VR for VR, PC, or Mac and join us for free during the fair!

About Floating Point 
Launched in March 2022, Floating Point Gallery is a next-gen, Web3, Canadian art gallery. We delve into the possibilities within the digital space and blur the lines between digital and physical. Operating with a ‘digital-first’ initiative, we explore various avenues within the digital realm and bring the consumer into conversations using our understanding of the physical world. Floating Point Gallery is a space where existing Canadian artists, who are visionaries of a new digital age, can provide context and dive deeper into work that deserves a critical spotlight. Floating Point Gallery is an optimistic undertaking that evolves from the traditional art gallery structure, online marketplaces, and digital publishing models. Floating Point exists to spotlight a diverse and eclectic array of art, artists, and ideas.

About Antoine Lortie
Antoine Lortie is one of the most provocative living artists – always experimenting and expanding artistic boundaries. Lortie’s interest lies in the connections between the system we inhabit – political, cultural and social. Working with photography, video, sculpture, painting, mass media, and virtual technologies, he champions hybridization through changing identities, and examines the polemics that arise in the field of art, politics, sociology, and religion. Antoine has dedicated his career to rebirth and self-invention, Princess Institunia, his digital twin.

Antoine Lortie ( @agrophobe ) is a French-Canadian artist of the digital avant-garde. He completed his BFA at Laval University in 2013, and an MFA in Painting with honors at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2016. He currently lives and works in Québec. His work is part of several private collections in France, England, Belgium, and Canada. Recent museum acquisition of his work includes Néréide (Ornement), 2019 at the collection MNBAQ. His research on the digitalization of the painting process allowed him to be present in the early stages of crypto art and propose a path of conceptual work of unmatched singularity.

About Candice Houtekier
Candice Houtekier has been a metaverse explorer since 2016, and is a virtual reality and crypto enthusiast. She immigrated to Canada from France to undertake an MA in Art History, with a minor in Video Game Studies, from the University of Montreal. Her thesis focused on the landscape experience in video games. As a Futurist, she collaboratively explores and constructs new virtual realities to develop, transform, and enrich the international art market

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