NewImages Festival 2022: Winners

…And the Jury announced the winners of the NewImages Festival. The ceremony, held in Paris, presented the winners of the XR competition, but also those from the residency programs developed by the organizers and partners. Here are the winners of the 2022 NewImages Festival edition! And…. next year, the Festival will start on April 5, announced Michele Ziegler, NewImages Festival Director.


TAIWAN XR RESIDENCY Initiated in 2019 as a gateway between France and Taiwan, this residence (and its €10,000 scholarship) offers a French artist a chance to develop her project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan .

WINNING PROJECT OF TAIWAN XR RESIDENCY is “Shift: The Inner Journey” By Dorian Rigal & Leon Denise produces by French VR company Tamanoir VR.


First Edition of the FARNESE XR – MEDICI Residency. This residence, coupled with a scholarship of €6,000, allows a French artist to develop his project in the exceptional setting of the Villa Médicis in Rome.

WINNING PROJECT OF RESIDENZA FARNESE XR – MEDICI is “Mono no aware” by Boris Labbé produced by Sacrebleu Productions


Launching in 2022, the Quito Residence – UDLA Immersive is a new, unreleased device in Ecuador dedicated to immersive creation. Combined with a €2,000 grant, it allows a French artist to develop his project in an exceptional setting.



XR Development Market is a one-of-a-kind meeting platform where future immersive art masterpieces are presented and funded.

WINNING PROGECT OF The XR MARKET AWARD is : “When silence talks” by Paulina Donoso, Gabriel Torres, Hernán Ricaldoni produced by UDLA; Mindsoft Ecuador

For its fifth edition, the NewImages Festival brings together 4 artistic personalities from different backgrounds such as cinema, music and virtual reality. This multidisciplinary jury will have to decide among the 15 works in Competition to award the Golden Mask 2022 as well as the other prizes.

Main Competition was presented by Jury members of the festival

Priscila Guedes | Director, cinematographer – Priscila Guedes graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, where she studied visual arts, before specializing in technological issues around cinema. She has signed the direction of photography for feature films such as Mr. Stein Goaes online (S. Robelin) and Skokan (P. Vaclav).

Stéphane Foenkinos | Author, director –Screenwriter for television (Hard, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça…) and cinema (notably with his brother, the novelist David Foenkinos) with La Délicatesse in 2011, Jalouse in 2017 and Les Fantasmes in 2021, Stéphane Foenkinos has directed Audrey Tautou, Karin Viard, François Damiens, Jean-Paul Rouve, Monica Bellucci, Denis Podalydès, Carole Bouquet, Ramzy Bedia

Abel Kohen | Author, director – Graduated from Supinfocom in 2010, Abel Kohen is a French writer-director with a solid background in animation and visual effects. Since his early childhood, he was determined to become a director, an ambition fueled by a passion for cinema and video games.

Tomas More “December” | Musician, composer, singer, author – Tomas has been composing and playing under the name December for 7 years now. After releasing EPs on the most famous labels of the European electronic scene: Jealous God, Blackest Ever Black, Mannequin, Pinkman, Return to Disorder, L.I.E.S or Veyl; with a regularity, a constancy and a remarkable requirement, his discography is very widely acclaimed by the world electronic scene.


Fish Wang’s “Red Tail (Episode 1)” – co-produced by Golden Horse director Wang Dengyu, Lingyi Imaging and Taiwan’s leading VR technology team “Funique VR”

Subject of experience: At a train station floating in the cloud, a mysterious red tail catches the boys attention. Chasing the red tail, the boy has traveled through countless magical places, ran into the bizarre creatures, and finally he meets the gentleman, who know his secrets .
When the red tail reminds the boy of his own memory and sadness, what’s the secrets hiding behind, and where will it lead him next?


Export Scholarship is awarded to “The Tree of Light (L’bre-Soleil)!” Lead Artists: Yann Garreau, Charlotte-Amélie Veaux Produced by Onyo

Subject of experience: In ancient times, a sun spirit placed a piece of her heart into an Onyo forest tree. Thus, the Tree of Light was born, bringing our world out of the darkness and allowing life to develop. But this energy is not eternal. Every 100 years, all forms of life, animals as well as plants, gather to perform a sacred ritual and give some of this energy back to the Tree. You will take part into this ritual, guided by a shaman-doe, to help this legendary tree grow once again.


“Kubo Walks the City” by Hayoun Kwon/production; Innerspace VR (FR)

Subject of experience: Like an ethno-detective, you follow the footsteps of Kubo, a Korean writer in his urban flanerie in Seoul in 1934, when Korea was under Japanese occupation. You discover the city through the press caricatures mocking the shortcomings of a part of Korean society emerging from the poverty and archaisms of the past, and discovering the modernity and prosperity coming with the occupation.


WINNING PROJECT “On the Morning You Wake” by Mike Brett, Arnaud Colinart, Steve Jamison, and Pierre Zandrowicz. Priduction: Atlas V (FR), Archer’s Mark (UK)

Subject of experience: One day in January 2018, as Hawaiian citizens went about their day, the entire state received an SMS, which read: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THRE AT IN BOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” As cellular networks collapsed and panic took hold , 1.4m people (as well as their friends and relatives across the globe) came to understand the urgent nature of todays nuclear threat.

THE GOLDEN MASK of NewImages Festival 2022

Unframed Hand Puppets, Paul Klee” by Martin Charrière and Nathanaël Monney and produced by DNA Studios (CH). Sustain by Cinéforom , Loterie Romande , SRG SSR

In the fourth episode of the virtual reality series Unframed, the puppets of Paul Klee are reproduced accurately and faithfully. In this short film the puppets themselves recount the most important events and aspects of their creator’s life. On the borderline between comic fiction and documentary, the story focuses mainly on Paul Klee’s family life, his teachings and his escape from the Nazi regime in Switzerland.

Congratulation to the winners of 2022 NewImages Festival.

The selected artworks of the 5th edition has been be judged by an international jury. The XR Art Works were presented at the Forum des images and also online via the virtual platform Alexandria, co-produced by the NewImages Festival and Cannes XR and developed by Kreis.

More about selection and entire list that was selected by the international jury to enter in the 5th edition of festival you can discover here

NewImages Festival Location : PARIS /DATE: JUNE 8-12/2022

Dedicated to digital creation and to virtual worlds, NewImages Festival combines a rich professional component and a program open to all audiences. With prizes at stake, its XR competition is submitted to a jury of creators and professionals.
Its XR Development Market gathers the major players of the XR Industry around a selection of projects open to all kinds of immersive formats. The XR Art Fair aims to activate an international distribution network in order to promote the circulation of XR works. The festival also supports immersive creation and its industry by initiating collaborative XR creation residencies with other countries and regions in the world, such as Taiwan (Kaohsiung Film festival and TAICCA)Africa, and Latin AmericaNewImages Festival is produced and organized by Forum des Images, a cultural institution dedicated to cinema and digital creation, supported by the City of Paris.


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