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Update: this news thread was closed on 04.03.2022. Follow here news about art and artists from Ukraine – what we can find out, what other journalists can find out about the situation on the field!

Date: 03.03.2022: EER: The Estonian National Opera (Rahvusooper) is giving a charity concert in support of the Ukrainian people on 5 march. Donations will be given to charities. Details, HERE.

Date: 03.03.2002: Dezeen: More than 6,500 Russian architects, designers and urban planners have signed an open letter to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Read more Here.

Date 03.03.2022: Business of Fashion: A growing number of brands are halting deliveries In Russia, with a handful saying they will suspend sales. Read more HERE

Date 03.03.2022: Make Art, Not War! Ukrainian fashion digital house, Dress X, has launched an campaign to support efforts during the war. See the amazing products their website.

Date: 02.03.2022: Hyperallergic: “No to War!”, say more 17.000 artists. Thousands of Russian Artists Denounce the Invasion. Read more HERE.

Date: 02.03.2022 CNN: The art world responds to Russian invasion of Ukraine by canceling shows and cutting ties. More HERE.

Date: 02.03.2022 Variety: Ukrainian Filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa Speaks Against Russian Boycott. Variety obtained an exclusive declaration from Sergei Loznitsa, the award-winning director of “Donbass”. Read the entire Exclusive story, HERE. (The reaction comes after earlier, European Film Academy decided to exclude Russia from the European Film Awards. Read more on this context on Guardian)

Date:01.03.2022 Fear also for artworks that might be destroyed during the war! This is how artists are protecting the famous Scythian and Polovtsian stone sculptures near the Dnipro Historical Museum. Founded in 1849, Dnipropetrovsk’s History Museum is among the oldest and the largest Ukrainian museums. via our friends, Nadiia Koval Co-founder, director of Ksi Prostir (photo credit by Daniil Galkin)

The Museum’s collection already suffered significant losses during the Second World War – many rare exhibits were exported to Germany or just lost. But, after the war, the museum’s collection developed and, and today it contains over 250.000 valuable objects. It contains very rare publications published in Russia before the 18th century, vast china collection, weapon collections, ancient furniture and other historical and cultural monuments.

Date:01.03.2022 Cartoon Brew: The Ukrainian and Russian animation community has released a collective statement condemning Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine. The letter has been signed by over 700 directors, animators, producers, and other production personnel, as well as critics, historians, festival programmers, and other people connected to the community. Read more HERE

Date:28.02.2022 Hyperallergic: Ukrainian Artists Speak Out As Invasion Intensifies 

Date:28.02.2022 ArtNews: As Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Intensifies, Artists and Institutions React to an Uncertain Future. The situation in Ukraine has the potential to disrupt the country’s participation at the Venice Biennale 

Date:27.02.2022 Solidarity with dancers, artists and all people in Ukraine!!! Via twitter @CieGillesJobin

Article by Valerie Hernandez Journalist, publishing director of LOKKO

Update:– The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture asks people not to share information about Primachenko paintings that might have survived following enemy attack. Read below the context. (Initially, in this article TechvangArt wrote that Maria Prymachenko’s work were saved, according to information received from the field. New York Times: 25 paintings were destroyed).

Date:27.02.2022 Burned: The Museum of Unique Naive Artist Maria Prymachenko, situated in Ivankiv ( small city between Kyiv and Chornobyl) – via our friends, Ukrainian composer Roman Grygoriv & Illia Razumeiko

Maria Prymachenko (1908–1997) was a Ukrainianr epresentative of naïve art, involved with drawing, embroidery and painting on ceramics. Honored Artist of the USSR since 1970, People’s Artist of Ukraine; She was highly appreciated by Pablo Picasso who said after visiting her exhibition: “I bow down before the artistic miracle of this brilliant Ukrainian.”The year 2009 was declared the Year of Maria Prymachenko by the UNESCO.

Burned: Ukrainian city Chernihiv, then and now: city of unique architectural heritage, which is 300 years older than Moscow – theaters, kindergartens, libraries burned and damaged. 

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Ukranian composer Illia Razumeiko evacuating Nikita Kadans art-works from bomb-shelter

The work of Nikita Kadan (born 1982 in Kiev) centers on his artistic exploration of post-communist social and political developments, and their origins and causes in the Soviet system. Kadan produces drawings, paintings, and photography as well as objects, sculptures, and installations.

From our TechvangArt archive, our dialogue with composers of CHORNOBYLDORF, listed among the six best operas . (Read more about Opera Aperta  )
Aperta Rebellion of ART #1 and Aperta Rebellion of ART #2
Visit composers website: 

 Susanna Karpenko singing Ukrainian folk song under DUGA Radar in Chornobyl exclusion zone, which is now under threat of destruction

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