Culture DAO Hackathon: The winners are…

by paradoxig

The Culture DAO – A Web3 Pixar for Virtual Beings – organized its very first Hackathon and Demo Day!
Approximately 300 visitors attended the online Demo Day, and 35.000$+ prizes (in USDC and $CULTUR) were given to the winning teams selected by Jury members. (Full disclosure: One of our team members, Hanna Paradoxigen, participated in the hackathon, with… a journalistic project, thus joining the DAO).

Set up only in early October, The Culture DAO – as envisioned by Anna Nevison and Edward Saatchi- wishes to push forward the boundaries of what is possible with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Beings. And already the community was involved in organizing the Virtual Being Summit and this hackathon.

Anna Nevison and Edward Saatchi

What are the advantages for members? Once admitted in the DAO, you can vote on everything such as season proposals, project fundings, but also it is possible to find collaborators or earn through bounties. Being able to be incentivised, so people can go full time DAO, would be an ideal.
Anna Nevison explained that Season 1 focused on the organisational part, when committees were set-up, attracting people from different industries. Season 2 will show how people with different skills can work together, grow projects in order to generate revenues. Edward Saatchi wishes to push forward the whole industry, compensating people with incredible skill-sets.
The future could be that the whole industry would be able to resource money for “what is best for the industry, and not just for one selfish company, one set of equity holders. That is radical and can lead to innovation!”
For more insights in the vision of the Culture Dao, you can review our interview

The Jury who ranked the submitted project was formed by:

Team of Judges

And the USDC sponsor of the Hackathon and Demo Day was: COINVISE

So, let’s see what were the winning proposals from season 1 of The Culture DAO – with some teams working for a few weeks on the projects, while other teams being set up during the hackathon. But, all enthusiastic about what is coming in Season 2 🙂

And The Winners Are:

1st Place : $5000 USDC 150 $CULTUR GOES TO… VB STUDIO – AI Character Maker

The Virtual Being Studio promises to be a tool for many interested to work in the Virtual Space.
The team creates an AI NLP toll open to DAO members letting AIs and NFTs to speak and learn.
Team: Alec Lazarescu and Matt Sinclair (Inscape Studio)

2nd Place : $1000 USDC/ 50 $CULTUR

*CLAIRA IN THE CITY – The Metahuman Claira_Ai explores a simulated city, where users as avatars and talk to Claira.
Team: created by Abran ARonic Maldonado, Cofounder CreateLabs; with works from Tree Industries

*KITTYGOTCHI – The vision is of bringing Kitty to life as a character that can communicate not just on a 1:1 basis, but with an entire community, and it would learn about us as a society, from its experience as a member of it. What if an AI being could feel and respond to the world around us? Created by: @AceKittyArtist

3rd Place: $500 USDC 25 $CULTUR

*NFT REGENERATOR – The NFT Degenerator is an AR portal experience where you enter the Culture Dao vault and meet GEN, the creative origin of all NFTs. Interact with GEN as they explore their past and create new iterations of their work. Users can choose from several popular NFT forms, add their own effect, and GEN will iterate a new NFT form for minting. As GEN evolves, so does it’s appearance, and as time goes on GEN will take on a new form as well.

*AVATAR4CHAT – What is you could use your Cryptopunks for video chatting? The team created an application you can use to make conversation or video attached with regular apps such as discord, zoom, etc ,
Team: Kirill Pokutnyy and Maxym Nesmashny

*DECENTRALAND NPCs – Create interactive NPCs (non-player characters) that provide valuable services to players in world in Decentraland. Team: Amy Stapleton, Eibriel, Oana, Devin

*AI ARTIST – An AI painter that will generate paintings for you. Created by Tree_Industries Would it be fantastic to have paintings in our Metaverse offices?!

4th place: 25 $CULTUR

*VB BALLET – An art project, a virtual ballet inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic ballet, in order to, first simply exist as a metaverse experience, second as a way to develop it. Team: Jamil Mehdaoui

*META HOTEL – is a virtual hotel fully booked with stories and actors. The theatrical Story rooms will be made by the community using VR, AI and crypto. Team lead: Kirill Pokutnyy, Sensorama Labs

5th place: 10 $CULTUR

*AI-JOURNALIST – An AI-Reporter who interviews Creators (XR Directors, Fashion Designers, Artists, etc) and the emerging ecosystem around them, creating witty-XR-content for Metaverse.
Team: Hanna Paradoxigen (TechvangArt), Sergio Rojas, Danielle Riccardo.

*AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Agent) – is an AI Tutor platform so that people cna learn any topic from an AI. Team lead: Amany Alkhayat

Other Honorable mentions:

AI conversational Design, an innovative contribution for AI language development
V2B2 bringing to life The Culture DAO drone.


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