First NFT BZL Conference

by paradoxig

NFT BZL, the first major Non-Fungible Token (NFT) conference, will take place on November 30, during Miami’s Art Week. The program features headline speakers Justin Blau, Krista Kim, Alex Mashinsky and many others

During a press conference at the FTX Arena, the organizers mentioned the importance of NFTs for the tech and art ecosystem and  how technology can change the world. 

“Not only do these new digital contracts create a transformative vehicle for the union of art and tech, they also represent the evolution of how we interact with the arts and with each other in a decentralized setting.” says Michelle Abbs, Managing Director of Mana Tech.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava was also present at the Press Conference

While NFT’s have seen a meteoric rise in the arts community, entertainment, gaming and broader economy, they remain uncharted territory for many in the general public.
NFT BZL’s program aims to educate and inspire its audience, presenting key collaborators and thought leaders to speak on use cases, strategy and execution for this unique digital asset.

Conference speakers will include
musician Justin Blau (3LAU), CEO and Co-Founder of Royal-the music ownership platform funded by Paradigm and Founders Fund;
Alex Mashinsky, CEO & Co-Founder of Celsius, the crypto-banking platform;
Avery Akeinni, President of VaynerNFT;
Tim Draper, billionaire venture capitalist and cryptocurrency enthusiast;
Cathy Hackl, Forbes Technology Journalist and Metaverse Strategist;
Elena Silenok, Founder and CEO of Clothia, the luxury fashion retailer for the cryptocurrency space;
Krista Kim, groundbreaking digital artist who recently led the Steve Aoki-curated auction from Sotheby’s with a $110,000+ winning bid;
Sofia Garcia, Founder of ARTXCODE;
Misha Libman, Co-founder and Head of Product for Snark.Art;
Emily Yang, NFT artist better known as pplpleaser, accredited for inspiring the formation of PleasrDAO, a prolific NFT investment club;
Wayne Scot Lukas, top fashion designer consulting for Tina Turner and Janet Jackson, who is launching a forthcoming fashion NFT project;
Lin Dai, CEO and Co-Founder of;
Will Weinraub, CEO & Co-Founder of OnChain Studios;
Jonathan Ovadia, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of AEXLAB;
Albert Ovadia, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of AEXLAB;
Elizabeth Ann Clark, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of AEXLAB;
Jake Brukhman, founder of CoinFund, one of the first blockchain-focused investment firms in the US.

The closing speech of the Conference belonged to CEO of Mana Common who pointed out the importance of the mission of this conference

“My mission for the Mana Tech division is to support events like this that promote leadership, innovation and community.” says Moishe Mana CEO of Mana Common

NFT BZL’s program is set to include panels, fireside chats, digital galleries, auctions and more.
The event is co-hosted by Grit Daily and Algorand, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform and supporting sponsors, Nifty Gateway and Oneof.
More information on additional speakers, sponsors, partners and programming will be available on the official site

Event organized by Mana Tech Miami

About Mana Common 

Mana Common is a platform for neighborhood revitalization.
We believe that truly integrated neighborhoods, where residents can live, work, and play, are the wave of the future. As such, the divisions of Mana Common reflect the most basic elements upon which a community is built: Culture, Commerce, Technology, Property, Agriculture, and Social Impact.
The name, “Mana Common,” originates from our belief that our world is becoming more and more connected. Rather than focusing on our differences, our shared humanity gives us common ground, common decency, and common knowledge upon which a truly thriving community ecosystem must be built.
Using the Mana Common process, we begin building community ecosystems long before any construction begins and continue to nurture them long afterwards. This allows for rapid, meaningful, permanent vitality for a neighborhood.


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