Meet the Winners of The ArtTech Prize

by paradoxig

Immersive Experience studio, DREAM FACTORY was the happy winner of the first place, receiving a prize of CHF 10.000. The digital space for German-speaking theater, SPECTYOU received second place, while third place was given to  Pictia – an Ethical Image Bank dedicated to the protection and management of copyrights using blockchain. 

The ArtTech Prize was set up to champion innovative projects that push boundaries in the arts, culture and technology. For the 5th edition, the international Jury consisted of 
PROF. PATRICK AEBISCHER, President Emeritus Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
PAUL ALEZRAA, CEO & Founder Avesta Group
OLIVIER AUDEMARS, Audemars Piguet & Plateforme 10, Chairmann
THIERRY BAUJARD, Founder Pan European Investment Network Media Deals
HANNA BRAHME Technology Transfer Manager for Spin-​offs, ETH Zurich
BÉNÉDICT HENTSCH, Chairman. Fondation Hippomène
FUAT KEYMAN, Prof. of International Relations, Director of Istanbul Policy Center, Vice President of Institutional Affairs, Sabancı University
CLAUDIA SCHACHENMANN, Founder BureauxSchachenmann


The mission of Dream Factory is to propose to the public to experience fictional worlds in the universe of cult films, to live adventures, to escape from daily life, and better apprehend the world of today.
Through the physical and digital recreation of emblematic setups and stories from cinematographic universes, they offer the participants, during an evening, the opportunity to immerse themselves in their favorite characters, setups, and stories. In concrete terms, Dream Factory offers interactive and immersive walking experiences of Immersive Cinema.
We immerse the participants, recreating the environment of the film by designing real sets, actors, and interactive stories. The spectators can walk around, during an evening, between 2 to 4 hours as they wish and interact with these elements via participative and immersive narrations.

SPECTYOU is the digital space for German-speaking theatre in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. We show drama, dance, and performance art as premium content.
SPECTYOU facilitates exciting discoveries and an overview of the entire theatre landscape. We have built the foundation for a central, always up-to-date online theatre hub.
With our 38 years of theatre experience, we understand theatre’s needs completely. The theatre world had been waiting for a high-quality platform to present artworks in a suitable environment. We connect theatres, professionals, young artists, researchers, and theatre lovers who utilize it as a space for communication, information, and exchange.
We contribute to developing theatre’s role as a space for public discourse in the digital era, make it more accessible and maintain its value for a democratic society.
SPECTYOU is the digital streaming service platform for theatre productions that provides videos of stage performances and additionally comprises a professional networking platform for business insiders.

Pictia is the first ethical image bank dedicated to the protection and management of copyrights using blockchain technology.
Pictia allows photographers to sell their images while keeping the traceability and protection of their copyrights!
For the buyer, it is the guarantee to get original images. Pictia delivers the certificates of authenticity blockchain, sells the licenses, monitors fraudulent use, and handles copyright disputes with their blockchain-based digital report solution (like a bailiff), Chainote, in partnership with lawyers.

 Beside the winners, the other Nominees that pitched during the event were

Artpoint is a creator of digital art experiences for public places. Our ambition is to bring art into living spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, or corporate offices to enrich the public experience and enhance spaces.
We represent over 200 artists and bring you the best of their work through two different solutions:
The digital gallery: Access to a catalog of digital artworks directly on the screen in exchange for a monthly subscription

The tailor-made solution: Creation and sale of installations combining art and new technologies based on a precise brief. Interactive art, immersive art, digital sculptures, data art, etc. The field of possibilities is infinite!
BavAR[t] aims to be the next platform for Augmented Reality (AR) & Art, and Branding AR outdoor scenography. We offer a new platform for artists and brands to advertise and show off. We bring together Digital Arts and scenography to become a reference in digital galleries, everywhere, for everyone.
BavAR[t] is geolocation augmented reality app including an AR chat. Brands and Artists can upload their 2D and 3D animated creations and then drop them at a given point-of-Interest. App users can then see them in the mobile app and collect AR[t] points. Users can then exchange these points for exclusive marketing deals. AR integrated chat allows users to communicate with each other, but also to leave hidden messages in various locations around the world that can only be read by some of the other users.
See here the prototype
Kinetix empowers 3D creators and studios by providing them with AI-powered tools to accelerate and simplify their production processes.
Their ambition is to unleash the creativity of the community of creators and enable anyone to be able to produce 3D animated content to tell more engaging and immersive stories.

Art has always been a place for investment, yet reserved for high-value artworks and privileged individuals. Nowadays, middle-range value artworks, preponderant in the art market turnover, are becoming a suitable investment with appraisals up to 20% after authentication. Still, as half of the artworks in circulation might be fake, middle-range value artworks are perceived by new investors as risky: thorough art expertise relying on rigorous authentication are critical in transactions.
Therefore, technical analyses such as advanced optical techniques have been developed to assist art experts in the authentication process. Among them, multispectral imaging revealing pigment identification, underdrawings, and erased signatures, provide precious data during the authentication process. These analyses are relatively costly compared to such artworks, difficult to perform, and often require additional logistic costs (transportation and insurance). For those reasons, an overwhelming majority of artworks do not go through the authentication process and become a “lost market value” for experts.
MATIS multidisciplinary team proposes a new approach. Our multispectral camera is based on utility and security. With the use of specific machine learning-derived image processing algorithms, we found a way to drastically reduce the hardware costs and enhance the underdrawings visualization, fitting the needs of the art experts as well as obtaining a robust pigment mapping and identification. With a secured online database, this camera, easy to use, gives art experts broader access to the authentication market and will make MATIS the reference in the authentication market.
MyPart is an AI-powered song search and matching platform with products that serve both songwriters and creative industry executives. The company is a proud graduate of UMG’s exclusive Abbey Road RED accelerator cohort of 2019 and a MassChallenge Gold Award winner.
Its proprietary ‘Song Mining’ engine conducts a granular analysis of lyrical and musical relevance based on a wide technology stack that combines machine learning (AI), computational linguistics, and digital signal processing, with a unique approach combining two key qualities:
The ability to search for songs with a set of reference songs: Songmine’s fingerprinting technique abstracts song DNA to support searching for songs with reference songs, based on common harmonic, melodic, lyrical, sonic, and structural features.
A distinct focus on the semantics and aesthetics of song lyrics: At the heart of its approach is a special focus on a deep comprehension of lyrics. See Abbey Road Studios clip

The ArtTech Foundation was created in the spring of 2017 with the aim of establishing a platform for exchange, meetings and think tanks to help bring together two usually distant worlds. Aiming to develop its activities on a national and international level, the Foundation hopes to help preserve and enhance cultural heritage by stimulating reflection on the contributions of new technologies and supporting pioneering, disruptive and innovative projects at the crossroads of culture, art, technology and science. It also hopes to create a favorable environment for the emergence of high-potential start-ups in the field.

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