TechArt Rolling News – May

by paradoxig

Here is our selection of what happens at the intersection of Tech&Art. We are selecting, reviewing and /or commenting the most important news, events, and we are constantly updating. So, check it daily!πŸ“šπŸ€“

Week 01-09.05.2021


Creative Economy: Metaverse is coming! Genies raises $65M to boost avatars for virtual identity and wearable digital goods (Venture Beat)

Tech: Pico Neo 3 – new teaser. And it has hand-tracking, too πŸ˜€ πŸ™Œ

NFTs: After weeks of teasing his drawings on Twitter, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk enters the NFTs Boom. β€œVeeFriends” is his first NFT collection. He is launching announced Wednesday he’s launching his first NFT collection, VeeFriend. β€œI know that NFTs will be here for the rest of my life,” said the early investor in Facebook, Uber and Coinbase. (CNBC)

Creative Economy: Verizon sells media businesses including Yahoo and AOL to Apollo for $5 billion (CNBC)

Design: 3D-printed wood! As forests are endangered, 3D-print replicas made from wood waste instead might be a solution. And now it is possible, (Fast Company)

NFTs: CryptoPunks maker Larva Labs launches their new NFT project, Meebits (TechCrunch)

Fashion: Why luxury brands are failing to reach Muslim consumers? Some reasons are: finding premium brands that design modest clothing is a constant challenge, lack of understanding of the consumer. Detailed analysis on Vogue Business

NFTs: Banksy Burners Raise $3M to Build NFT Platform on Solana (Coindesk)

NFTs: And who doesn’t want to have Baby-Yoda? Star Wars Collectibles Go Digital as Collections Embrace NFTs (News.Bitcoin)

Music: Warner Music Groupβ€˜s investment into non-traditional areas of the music business – the virtual concerts platform (musicbusinessworldwid)

Theater: Audio Production of Tony-Nominated Musical Fela! to Take Place on Clubhouse App (TheaterMania)

VR: Targeting Gen Z? Then you should start with investing in the metaverse. Investments in a shared virtual reality space that allows individuals to interact with other users within a digital environment β€” are taking off, says South Korea’s Zepeto. (CNBC)

NFTs: An interesting, long read about NFTs. “NFTs have allowed some digital artists, and especially those without traditional fine-arts backgrounds, to profit from their work as never before. But most NFT collectors seem motivated more by financial opportunity or fandom than by connoisseurship and appear unaware that digital art is an expansive field with a decades-long history” (ArtForum)

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