Coronials New Wor(l)ds #2

by paradoxig

This is the continuation of our first article related to New Wor(l)d that emerged during Covid-19

The Pandemic brought us, not only isolation but also a new type of connection ONLACT-online act that help artists to perform, to repeat, to work, to discuss to sing, and why not to participate in the new type of Events, Festivals, etc.

WHEN artists miss the public

Online dating with your public has many benefits but still the desire to be Live and Life with the public is unimaginably strong.
And EUREKA nothing is impossible. Somebody-Somehow find the solution inspired after Bubble Soccer invented in 2011 by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden

video caption

After the first game, the Bubble soccer had exploded and the world wanted more of it

Till now the Giant Bubble is used as a running competition, water battle, fight show and in entertainment.

The Flaming Lips used Giant Bubble and launched a live concert in the hope the Industry can be saved
How? They use giant bubbles to enforce social distancing at concert
And the new term was born in Covid Time Bubble Concert

Bubble Concert was Amazing

You can’t imagine how this Human Hamster Ball helps us. Sometimes you do not need to innovate, just need to stay with  open eyes or mind. It depends on which is closest to you more,

Quaran-stream: binge-watching several TV series and/or movies while in lockdown also different concert
But the first who risked with Quaran-stream concept was Skiddle Staff. They invite Hot Since 82 and Michael Bibi, followed by a live-streamed performance from All We Are, Josh Butler, Gardna, John Morales, Terminal V Festival, Beatport, etc

I don’t think it is possible to decide who was the real father of Quaransteam
or the real mother of Quaransteam of the concept but the child is definitely a real Coronials

Coronials– The New generation of babies that were born in COVID-19 time.

Today a lot of musicians, YouTubers, production-house use the Quaran-stream concept

Without any discrimination, institutions such as the philharmonic, opera, the theatre became just a landmark on google map. It was very hard for live performance institution to recreate that magic world because this type of art depends a lot on the direct relationship between the audience and the performer

This is especially true for the Theater and Opera Lover’s – but the good news from Melpomena came and somebody tried to organise a video podcast, but that was much more than a podcast…

Broadway together – Broadway Podcast Network is all about creating an engaging, immersive, user-friendly experience where theatre stories of all kinds can be easily found, shared, and enjoyed.

ZOOM THEATHER MAKERS a FB group created on August 23, 2020. In a rather difficult period artists were close to their audience, trying to find the best solutions to interact with publics .

To date, no online form has been found to satisfy the need for direct relation in the theater and the distance imposed on the capacity of the hall causes many theaters to end up in financial loss and therefore go bankrupt.
Cirque du Soleil and their announcement about closing its doors shocked an entire industry of entertainment in June “For the past 36 years, Cirque du Soleil has been a highly successful and profitable organization,”
This solution found by Moonlight theater from Japan is fine but does not offer a quantitative and qualitative value ratio, and in certain situations, certain shows have more actors on stage than the audience accepted in the hall (acc. to the covid norms.)

Jerusalema Challenge – it is hilarious to say but this challenge spread like a virus 😀
The song Jerusalema, a gospel-influenced house song by South African producer Master KG and performed by singer-songwriter Nomcebo was released in 2019 but the dance element began in Angola in February 2019, where a dance troupe recorded themselves busting some moves to the song while eating their lunch…Angolan troupe Fenomenos do Semba’s Jerusalema dance challenge.

After that the monks and nuns Praying for our world in these challenging times true Jerusalema and Fly company and Police and Entire World
Why this dance keep people engaged remains a mystery, but you can find some explanation in the @alegria da dança”) – joy pressed out from trauma and dehumanization. (more info in ModernGhana)
The South African Jerusalema song is giving people worldwide a much-needed sense of community during the isolating COVID-19 pandemic.

Well, this virus is not a Coronageddon or Coronapocalypse. (The end of the world, brought about either by the pandemic or by related social and economic collapse.) The chaos, uncertainty, despair, helplessness is born in some people, others had time to discover the daily black holes and also to rethink some things. All carefully documented on many social media channels.
I think that our generation thanks to social media channels like a Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google will bring in a new way on how to chronicle history.
Maybe we will use the term Lockstalgia (Times): we may look back fondly upon the times of lockdown and save up stories to tell our grandchildren. Even today more channels use this concept.
Well now is March 2021 and my days have been like the days of March 2020. don’t worry if you feel the same way. There are two reasons: Firstly : you cross the period of Blursrday

Blursday is a term that’s being tossed around on social media and describes the disorientating sense of time . Before the pandemic, it was a term that described a drunk or hungover day, according to Urban Dictionary
The best description of this new word you can find here performed by Laura Nygren , composer Michele Cheng

And Secondly – Because it’s quarantine again.
But this time I prepared with some amazing book, with VR headset and some avatar for interaction without any sense and non-stop DOOMSCROLLING new app, new phone, eChannel, new haircut
I learned to make cocktails for a Locktail hourCocktail hour in lockdown
SO, Show me your arms and share this article because we are together in this time in the same Shitylockdown
And, remember, do not be A COVIDIOT or COVID FREAK
but try to extract learning from everything that happens
I hope you don’t develop “HODOPHOBIA” – an irrational or disproportionate fear of traveling.
And do Not Forget: Sanitize Yourself it make selfies look better
MEET not E-MEET somewhere the mountain meets the sea

Some fact: The Oxford team was identifying hundreds of significant new words and usages as the year unfolded, dozens of which would have been a slam dunk for Word of the Year at any other time.  They include bushfires, Covid-19, WFH, lockdown, circuit-breaker, support bubbles, keyworkers, furlough, Black Lives Matter and moonshot. The president of Oxford Dictionaries, Casper Grathwohl declares that: “I’ve never witnessed a year in language like the one we’ve just had .

Covid inspired 1,200 new German words study released by  Leibniz Institute for the German Language

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