Weekly #TechARTnews – 01.02

by paradoxig

Every Monday, we are reviewing the previous week’s most important news. This week, you can read about: 

    Cannon and XR, D2A & Avatars, Yoko Ono’s Music Channel

Cannon gives “the boom” in the XR market: the lightest, smallest, and most elegant headset. It will be released in February, with the price of $38,500. (the same prices as a Tesla car). Now, we are talking mass-adoption:) OK, it is for industrial use – so, all those futurists that predicted the B2B market for VR, did they know something? 🙂 Anyhow, at least, we all know what to ask our superiors as a bonus: a personal headset! (via DigitalCameraWorld)

Watch the Canon MREAL S1 overview. Then, show it to your boss 🙂 


D2A & Avatars. This is the password if you want to enter the Gen Z market. And all brands are courting them, with more and more avatar-style solutions. Genies was set up for avatar creations and companies are joining them – even Gucci has noticed the platform, and now Genie users can dress their icons in Gucci’s digital wardrobe. How big the avatar market will grow? And besides the classy B2B and B2C models, a D2A (Direct-to-Avatar) business model is emerging? Will the Digi-Sapiens become the next trendsetters? Tech Futurist, Cathy Hackl, investigates the market for Forbes

VR is dying. VR is not dying. VR is dying. VR is not Dying. So, the question is: there will be a funeral or a birth? There are future predictions for both scenarios. But, the believers in the “birth-scenario” suggest that VR has some “partners in crime” such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6, AI, game engine, so on. But, read the whole ‘prophecy’ about “VR as the most transformative tech in the next 5 years” on VRVoice.


Yoko Ono, Janie Hendrix launch the Coda Collection Music Channel (RollingStone

The World Around is a new architecture forum in New York, curated by Beatrice Galilee. You can read and watch online the most interesting talk on Dezeen (part 1 and part 2)

Paris: Centre Pompidou is closing for 4 years during restoration. (Hyperallergic)

Spotify’s invention monitors your speech, determines your emotional state, and suggest music based on it (WorldMusic

Magic Leap Partners with Google Cloud to Build the Next Era of Spatial Computing (MagicLeap)

EU’s creative sector, at risk of collapse, being among those hit hardest by Covid (Guardian

Virtual humans – The new startup idea that Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic leap, works on (RoadToVR



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