Oculus: Multi-User Accounts

by paradoxig

The company announced in a statement that starting in February, the users will have the possibility for multiple accounts to log into a single headset. In addition, users will have the ability to share apps with others on the shared device.

With these features, the primary account holder will be able to add secondary accounts to their device and share the apps they purchase with these secondary accounts. Not only will this enable safe sharing, but game progress and achievements will be personalized and saved separately for each account.

Initially, these features will be launched on Quest 2 as experimental and then later roll out to all Quest users. To start, a primary account holder can add up to three secondary accounts and enable App Sharing on a single device. After feedback from consumers and developers, the company may adjust the number of devices and secondary accounts as necessary. All users, including secondary ones, will have to login with Facebook.

The company believes the features can help increase household usage, as well as prevent piracy. It also expects more households to get multiple Quest devices in the coming years, which is why app sharing will allow a primary account holder to share their purchases across three devices in the future. The company also says it will evaluate whether it needs to adjust the number of devices and secondary accounts allowed as it receives feedback from its user community.

All new apps submitted to the Oculus Store after February 13th will be required to have App Sharing activated. Developers who published before that date can opt-out of App Sharing, however they have to do so before February 12th, otherwise it’s applied automatically.

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