Weekly ArtNews – 07.12

by paradoxig

Every Monday, we prepare our selection of the previous week’s more important news. This week, you can read about: 

VR Startups Against Facebook, London: “Invisible” Art Show, AI & Contemporary Dance, Why Google Fired Prominent AI Ethicist Timnit Gebru?

Sound Of A “Perfect Fluid”, Captured. MIT physicists have created  a “perfect fluid” that flows with the smallest amount of friction allowed by the laws of quantum mechanics and captured its sound. (ScitechDaily)

Motherhood, Taboo In The Art World. Women artists talk about the impact of having kids (Guardian)

Why Google Fired Prominent AI Ethicist Timnit Gebru? The company’s researcher highlighted the risks of large language models, which are key to Google’s business (TechnologyReview)

VR Startups Against Facebook. Developers accuse the social media platform of using its market power to muscle out rivals that offer competing games and services (Bloomberg)

IONIA, delayed again. The game would be pushed back again, announced the developers, and the new date will come in Q2 2021 (UploadVR)

London: Biggest “Invisible” Art Show. Unreal City, the first augmented reality exhibition, includes works from Olafur Eliasson, Bjarne Melgaard and Cao Fei among others (AnotherMag)

Sundance Film Festival Goes Digital. Organizers outlined plans for the digital event, which will also include screenings at drive-in theaters, independent cinemas, and cultural organizations. (Variety)

Poly 3D, Closed. Google announced to users that they will be shutting down the 3D-object creation and library platform “forever” next year (TechCrunch)

African Craftsmanship + 3D printing. Nigeria-based designer Tosin Oshinowo and U.K.-based  designer Chrissa Amuah have created three face masks, called Freedom to Move (FastCompany)

Next-Gen ‘Human Eye Resolution’ VR-3 And XR-3 Headsets.  The company promises improved optics, performance, and ergonomics—with major new price points. (Forbes)

AI & Contemporary Dance. Dancers learn routines from an algorithm, while audience can get a  glimpse of K-pop choreography at the Korean online Place’s festival (Guardian)

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