Weekly ArtNews – 22.11

by paradoxig

Every Monday, we prepare our selection of the previous week’s more important news. This week, you can read about: 

Oppo will launch AR glasses, 200 ‘Quirky, Creative’ Wanted, Virtual Art Fairs, Collapsing?, Stretchable Sensor, Game Changer for VR?

YouTube Shows Ads On All Videos, Creators Won’t Get A Penny.  The rules on video monetization just changed, and guess what: creators are not happy about it, because they can’t decide on anything. (Forbes)

AI-generated brutalist buildings.  Lisbon Musician Moullinex created two videos that use artificial intelligence to imagine a series of brutalist buildings. (Dezeen)

The Queen’s Gambit: The VFX. A breakdown of the invisible VFX behind might be the reason for its popularity? (80.lv)

Oppo will launch AR glasses. The device that will be launched in 2021 will have sensors to measure distances and will use simultaneous localization and mapping (The Next Web)

The Music Scenes Facing Covid. Barcelona, Copenhagen and Ljubljana: how were developed new ways to remain active and engaged with their communities (AreWeEurope)

200 ‘Quirky, Creative’ Wanted. Meow Wolf is hiring for their mysterious, otherworldly, whimsical Omega Mart experience at Area15 (Review Journal)

Virtual Art Fairs, Collapsing? A new study reveal that collectors says they are absolutely exhausted with the “onslaught of art” being sold online. (ArtNet)

Stretchable Sensor, Game Changer for VR? Cornell researchers have created a fiber-optic sensor utilizing inexpensive LEDs and dyes that resulted in a stretchable skin-like material able to detect deformations, including pressure, bending, and straining. (SlashGear)

Tencent Music Partners With Wave To Enter China. Wave, the virtual concert platform that’s already produced events for John Legend and The Weekend, is ready now to enter the Chinese market. (TechCrunch

Amazon Upgraded Echo Frames Smart Glasses. The model has better sound quality, longer battery life, and new colors, and is available for anyone (The Verge


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