Weekly ArtNews – 12.10

by paradoxig

Every Monday, we prepare our selection of the previous week’s more important news. This week, you can read about: 

Spotify: Personality Tracking Technology, Digital Fashion Weeks, TikTok vs Mobile Video, Art Collections – Sold By Companies, 

Will Google Pay for French News? Google has to reach an agreement with French publishers and press agencies in order to reuse snippets from their content. (TechCrunch)

UK: Painting put to auction to save the Opera. The Royal Opera House will auction a David Hockney portrait at Christie’s and is expected to fetch up to £18m, in order to cover losses caused by the pandemic. (BBC)

Are live-streamed auctions enough for the glam art world? Online sales – this is the new-way when it comes to big auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, but they might need more to attract the experience-hungry generation. (ArtNewspaper)

TikTok vs Mobile Video. TikTok’s global marketing head describes how the company innovated and succeeded to win the war against the mobile video market (Fast Company)

Pijamas or Jeans? Pijamas! The pandemic brought a hard time to all denim companies, including Levi’s. When it comes to home office suits, jeans are not between the favorites. (Quartz)

Companies Are Selling Their Art Collections. Especially banks are selling their art collections built up over many years. Deutsche Bank, which holds one of the world’s largest corporate art collections, is reducing it by 4,000 pieces (Forbes)

Digital Fashion Weeks. The big fashion shows were replaced by 2D versions, and this could be an opportunity for the fashion industry to reconsider how we consume collections (HighSnobiety

Spotify Has a Patent for Personality Tracking Technology.  Spotify was granted a US patent for “Methods and systems for personalizing user experience based on [user] personality traits.” (MusicBusiness)


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