Weekly ArtNews – 05.10

by paradoxig

Every Monday, we prepare our selection of the previous week’s more important news. This week, you can read about: 

Miranda – VR Theater, Opportunities for Music Startups, Virtual Games Festival Market, Space-Travel Inspired Helmets

The Dilemmas of “The Social Dilemma”. After many users considered to close their social account, Facebook has released a response to defend the network (Social Media Today)

Miranda: A Steampunk Virtual Experience. An immersive theater experience about a dystopian future with airships that float by, avatars sing and the audience is the jury. (New York Times)

Fashionable Face Shields. Award-winning designer Joe Doucet revealed his new fashionable product that is ready to take orders (WWD)

Hidden drawing Beneath “Mona Lisa”. After 14 years of study, a researcher discovered with the help of technology, that Leonardo DaVinci created the painting using a previously unknown preparatory sketch. (Artnet)

Music Startups Wanted. Warner Music Asia has partnered with venture capital and investment management firm SOSV to look for opportunities in investing in startups. (MusicBusiness

Virtual Games Festival. Between 21 -26 October, a festival for digital tabletop games will be hosted by Steam. (TheVerge)

Space-Travel Inspired Helmets to Protect. air by MicroClimate is a helmet equipped with filters can clear 99.97% of small particles, having also a ventilation system (DesignBoom)

NextGen Retail Store. How Levi’s is approaching direct-to-consumer trends? Contactless returns, in-store personal shopping appointments or line-queuing tools. (VogueBusiness)

Animators on TikTok. If you are an animator, it seems that TikTok is the way to go, and the best new animators are building their audiences here. (The Verge

Google Will Pay Publishers. Google News Showcase has set aside $1 billion to pay select publishers for content (FastCompany)


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