Weekly ArtNews – 31.08

by paradoxig

Every Monday, we prepare our selection of the previous week’s more important news. This week, you can read about: 

Virtual Burning Man Starts, 25% of US Malls Will Close, Apple Acquires VR Startup

Virtual Burning Man. This week is the week when you can Burn-From-Home. Burning Man 2020 prepared the Virtual experiences, and aims for global reach. (Forbes)

Virgin Islands To Subpoena MoMA Chairman in Epstein Case. The subpoenas will seek financial statements and tax returns from the billionaire investor and art collector Leon Black’s companies. This is part of an effort to understand how Epstein had amassed his incredible wealth. (Hyperallergic)

Better Design for Chairs? A short history of how chair design started, why they are not serving human bodies, and how this can be changed. (Guardian)

Van Gogh: Digital Nights. An immersive experience, lasting about 40 minutes, with animated projections of artwork, letters and photographs through Van Gogh’s life (Stuff

Luxury Platform by Amazon. And the plans are to launch in September the first international luxury brands (WWD)

Apple Buys a VR Startup.  The company has bought Spaces, A VR company that launched a VR extension for videoconferencing, by blending Avatars into video-conferences. (Variety)

US: 25% of malls are expected to close. Not now, but in the next five years. And the million-dollar question is what will happen will all those spaces? (CNBC)

List of VR Books. Whether you’re looking to discover, define, develop or deliver virtual reality, this is a list of 44 books that might help. (ShowcasingVR)

VR part of Venice International Film Festival. From September 2-12, the festival’s virtual reality (VR) selection will be held entirely virtually. 31 VR works will be available for fans to enjoy this year in the format of games, experiences, and 360° videos. (Auganix)



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