Weekly News – 13.07

by paradoxig
Rescue Funds, Lip Service in Culture and AR for Shopping

Rescue funds for the film industry. UK set up $625,000 fund to help sales companies adapt to new business practices, such as virtual markets. Each company will receive the funds that can cover costs arising from new business models and that are not covered by other governmental funds. (Hollywood Reporter)

SiriusXM interested in podcasting! Market rumor has it that the company is up to buy for $300 million podcasting company Stitcher. This follows similar moves made by Spotify or iHealthMedia. (DigitalMusic)

US Funds for Blue-Chip Art. Millions of dollars in government help money were received by art spaces and galleries. Between the beneficiaries are the most well-paid artists and most rich galleries that selles pieces for millions, such as Jeff Koons or Gagosian Gallery. (Artnet)

Haute Couture on Short Films! Cancelled Haute Couture Fashion Shows? Not Possible! They all went digital. And some of them to attract more even made short films. Such as “Transmotion,” by Iris van Herpen, featuring the “Game of Thrones” actress the Carice van Houten (Red Priestess from Game of Thrones (NYTimes)

British art gets billions! The cultural organizations in England will get £1.15bn governmental support ( £270m in loans and £880m in grants). (Guardian)

Analytics for Artists. Artists will be able to monitor the audience, global reach, and performance in real-time. This thanks to a new data dashboard launched by Youtube. (MusicBusinessWorldwide)

Stop “lip service paid to cultural representation”. Before his biggest outdoor show in the UK, Anish Kapoor said that the art should start rethinking how they collect art, and what cultural representation means. “Not the color of skin. Not male or female or otherwise. Not places of origin. So what? How? There is a whole, deeper, post-enlightenment conversation to have here” (Guardian)

Augmented reality for cosmetic tests! Trying out at shopping becomes problematic, and retails have to change. AG will be used probably not only for garments trials but also for cosmetics. A Korean Startup invented an AG mirror for cosmetic tests. (Reuters)

Gloves, fashionable comeback? Gloves were a sign of status and an important element for polite society. This was till the 60s when all the social changes, made people rethink rules and fashion, and finally relegating gloves mostly to winter utility. Will covid re-glove our society? (National Geographic)

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