by paradoxig

He is studied at Fine Arts Universities, but he did not prefer to use the term “art”. He liked “work”. 

He designed the famous I LOVE NY brand free of charge, in times when crimes and budget troubles were the main issues of the municipality. 

His love for Bob Dylan made art popular. His famous graphic of Dylan with the psychedelic colored hair was put in his album, and thus arrived in the hand of millions. 

Then he produced designs for everything. You can find his works in supermarkets, coffee-shops, restaurants or “Mad Men.” (poster for season 7)

We are talking about Milton Glasser the groundbreaking graphic designer. Unfortunately, he passed away, the previous week, at the age of 91. Milton was adored and considered an innovator of his time, changing the landscape with his bold, extroverted graphics. This was a strong move, as in that period design was dominated by strict modernist or realist lines. Together with a group of designers he established Push Pin Studio in 1954, in order to present their work, but also to have space where you can experiment. He was fascinated by the possibility to introduce graphic design elements from an immense variety of structures. For the Bob Dylon portrait, he said that he was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s black and white silhouettes while introducing elements of Islamic Art for the hair. 

Together with his wife, Shirley Girton, worked on the children’s books “If Apples Had Teeth” (1960), “The Alphazeds” (2003) and “The Big Race” (2005). In 1968, together with Clay Felker, he founded New York magazine, where he was president and design director until 1977. The visual format is still kept up until today. Glaser’s work is featured in permanent collections at the MoMA, the Israel Museum in or the National Archive and Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

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