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by paradoxig

Facebook boycott, AR in Fashion and Cannes XR

  1. Big Companies Boycott Facebook! Coca Cola, Honda, Mozilla, or Unilever are just a few companies that are stopping online advertising on Facebook. And the list is growing by the minute. The brands are accusing Facebook of not taking accountability in spreading racism and comes in support of the #StopHateforProfit campaign. (StopHateForProfit)
  2. Musicians went on Twitch. Twitch might become for live streaming what YouTube is for videos and Instagram for photos. In order to interact with fans, musicians registered and streamed online on Twitch. Users watched nearly 27 million hours of music in 5 months, 5 times more than in the first month of the year. Live music has now become one of the 15 most popular content categories on Amazon’s platform. (Bloomberg)
  3. Art Basel in the hands of…. Gossip has it that the biggest Art Fair, belonging to the MCH group, has a possible buyer. The Swiss investor, Annett Schömmel is plotting to buy 70 percent of the holdings and intends to expand the Art Basel, although details remain murky on what exactly expansion would mean. Time will tell if this is a gossip (Artnet)
  4. Fashion retailers welcome to AR! How to do shopping in a COVID-era? How to try on clothes, shoes, when all these items can be contaminated? AR might be the solution. But Vertebrae is here to help retailers with AR fitting rooms. (VentureBeat)
  5. Awarded Artists. Multimedia artist Chloe Bensahel is the winner of the Liberty Art Award 2020. The Award supports emerging artists working with digital and new media. More about the award read here. Works made by Chloe Bensahel
  6. An online exhibition that challenges galleries WHAT’S UP / TWENTY TWENTY, The online selling exhibition set up LVH art is more than an imitation of a gallery space. It really challenges the physical exhibition space, by crafting a journey through unique venues. (designboom) View LVH exhibition here! curated by lawrence van hagenFull list of artists and designers here. Open till:  July 31, 2020
  7. Fairtigue – Why Online Art is Sooo Boring. Moving Art Fair Online in a few months proved to be not that…exciting! Many open tabs, and closing tabs, and then opening them again, scrolling down, and searching for artists, galleries, and continents. The art industry misses the offline fanciness (Artnet)
  8. Fashion = Drastic change The biggest retail recession is here, and fashion is affected. Brand will have to deliver experiences across different platforms to keep consumer engagements. From immersive technologies to meeting designers and stylists in VR, welcome to the new world. (HuffPost)
  9. Opera singers, just for you! Do you want to make somebody a nice surprise? Buy an opera song! Musicians start to reinvent themselves, and Opera are now exchanged for Phone concerts. (New York Times )
  10. GarageStories presented at Cannes XR. The winners of Garage Stories

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